Sig Sauer SP2022 Review

I’m a bargain shopper, whether it’s a great condition used gun or the lower end or “entry level” line of firearms that every manufacturer offers. Research and patience is key, though – pistols on the lower end of the line, such as the Smith & Wesson SD9VE are true budget, low end guns. Poor internals, bad ergonomics, horrible triggers and loose tolerances define “Cry once, buy once”.

I won’t even get into the Hi-Point, Kel-Tec and Taurus firearms. Shit is as shit does.

That being said, manufacturers like Sig, CZ, Walther and Ruger make some fine lower end firearms aimed primarily at new owners, bargain hunters and collectors.

The Sig SP2022 was a total impulse purchase, one of the local big box stores was running a holiday sale and had it marked down to $379 and I’d read and heard good things about Sig’s line of polymer pistols. Sure, it’s not a P226 or P229, but the SP2022 shares a lot of the same internals as Sig’s line of metal frame, more expensive handguns.


I’m not a chatty guy by nature and don’t have the need or desire to debates the merits or justify a purchase with the counter person. Here’s my drivers license, License To Carry, completed 4473 and debit card, ring me up and let me get the hell out. When it comes to guns, I don’t want or need anyone to tell me if it’s a good or bad purchase decision, try and upsell me or try to change my mind to whatever they need to push that day, week or month. I don’t want to debate the merits of 9 mm, .40 S&W or 45 ACP and listen to some uninformed bullshit personal preference that you see as gospel. Save it.

“You know people say that’s the poor man’s Sig, right?” said the young counter person at the big box retailer when I asked him to take it out of the counter display. “I don’t blame you, I don’t have $900 to spend on a P226 either, that’s a lot of money” was the next sentence out of his mouth.

Dude, really? You know shit-all about me, my wants or my bank account balance, so don’t make assumptions or talk out of your ass. Just shut the fuck up and take my money. And I already own a P226, so get bent.

Yeah, but what about the gun, you long winded fuck?

Well, it’s a polymer frame .40 S&W, so it’s a snappy little bastard. I don’t get the hate for .40 S&W; it’s good, heavy round and it’s a challenge to shoot consistently and accurately. The challenge isn’t a bad thing at all – if every one of my guns shot as effortlessly as my P226, CZ 75B or VP9, I wouldn’t spend as much time at the range trying to be a more effective shooter. My first few rounds always go low and left. Still in the 9 ring, but always low and left. My last trip with the SP2022 went like this:

I was the only shooter in the range, just the RSO and myself. I had already put 8 mags through one of my CZ’s and grabbed the SP2022. Put a new target up, ran it out to 10 yards and fired 4 shots. RSO said “You’re anticipating the shot”.

“It’s .40 S&W” was my response.

“Oh”, he said, “nevermind.”

So, yeah.

It’s snappy and it takes me a few rounds to get it where I want it. As for the pistol itself, it has Sig Sauer’s typical feel in the hand, somewhat gritty DA/SA trigger for the first 400 or so rounds which eventually smooths out. No manual safety, this has a decocker, which I prefer over a manual safety on a traditional hammer fired pistol.

The size is very, very close to the P229, but being polymer framed, is much, much lighter than the P229. Makes for comfortable concealed carry, even with a full magazine. The SP2022 is in my carry rotation and honestly, I don’t see it leaving my carry rotation. It’s just a well made, reliable gun.

It has a Nitron stainless steel slide, passable out-of-the-box trigger which gets better with use, available SIGLITE night sights and an M1913 integrated rail for all your light and/or laser needs.

What’s in the box

Typical Sig Sauer box, lots of extras


2 magazines

Extra grip

Right hand draw Sig holster which does me no good at all

Chamber flag

Sig lube

Manual, warranty card, etc.

Awesome Sig sticker for your car, truck, minivan which I do not recommend unless you want everyone to know that you have guns, one of which can be in your car

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