Sig Sauer P220 Legion Review

The first thing that comes to mind when I hold the Sig P220 Legion is “mass”. This is a big gun. With the move towards smaller, lighter, more compact pistols, this is an anachronism. It’s hefty. It’s heavy (30.4 oz unloaded). Unless you’re the size of Sasquatch, good luck concealing this. I have a few other Legions, namely the P226 and P229, and the P220 feels and shoots like the much bigger sibling of each of those.

All of that being said, it’s fun to shoot. It’s a Legion, which means it’s at the top end of Sig Sauer’s product offerings as far as pistols go. What makes the Legion different from the other bazillion models that Sig offers? It has the Legion Gray Cerkote finish, G-10 grips, P-SAIT trigger, X-RAY3 day/night sights, front cocking serrations, low-profile controls and Legion engraving. The P-SAIT trigger is the big sell on this though – very crisp with a very short reset.

What else does the Sig P220 Legion offer? Outside of all the specs listed above, you get to be the guy at the range that has “fuck you” money. It’s even better when you pack up multiple Legions, because then you have “fuck you, fuck you” money.

OK, we get it. You have some high end guns. Asshole.

The Sig P220 Legion comes in three flavors: .45 ACP, the 10mm with longer slide and barrel and SAO .45 ACP. I have the .45 ACP, as this was a complete impulse buy and the LGS didn’t have the best mm (10mm is the Best mm) in stock.

The double action is a very manageable and smooth 10 lbs, with SA weighing in right at 4.5 lbs. Very crisp, very clean break, very short reset on the trigger, which everyone who owns or has shot a Legion loves.

All that weight I mentioned earlier comes in very handy when shooting. There is almost no recoil on the P220 due to the weight of the gun. Staying and keeping on target with this is very, very manageable, even when mag dumping all 8 rounds of .45 ACP.

Like all Legions, the G-10 grips are great. Very grippy, solid and feel like quality was top of mind when the designers came up with the G-10 grips.

Sig Sauer P220 Legion

It’s not the most inexpensive pistol out there, but the pros outweigh the cost for me. The combination of the trigger, sights and grips makes this a fun shooter.

Head over to Sig Sauer to check out the full specs on the P220 Legion.

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