Mossberg 590 9 Shot Tri-Rail Review

After buying and shooting the Benelli SuperNova, I had the shotgun bug. I knew I still wanted a Mossberg just for some variety and went into researching the Mossberg 500. I had no idea there were so many 500 models. Seriously. I did, however, know what I didn’t want:

  • Hunting shotgun. Don’t hunt any longer and don’t see myself taking it up again.
  • Mag fed 590M
  • Any of the Maverick models. Nothing against them at all, just wanted a 500 series.
  • 930 series semi-auto. Nah. Semi-auto takes some of the fun out of it for me.
  • Shockwave. Hard pass on that.
  • JIC (Just In Case). Negatory.
  • Persuader, Mariner. Nope and nope.

The Mossberg 590 9 Shot Tri-Rail has compelling features that are standard: 10 shell capacity (9 in the tube, 1 in the chamber), 3 inch chamber, ghost ring sights and Mossberg’s Accu-Choke system. Another bonus is Mossberg’s safety placement, located on top of the shotgun, in easy reach for your thumb to manipulate the safety.

The downside to the 9+1 capacity is the 20 inch barrel which makes for an ineffective home defense shotgun. Clearing doors and hallways is better suited to a shorter barreled shotgun unless you live in an open concept home where you can swing the 590 around with no chance of a wall or door getting in the way.

In a typical home defense scenario, you’re going to grab whatever is closest and at-hand. Nightstand gun, baseball bat, AR or throw your dog at the threat. I spend very little time thinking up defense scenarios – they never pan out anyway. “First I’m going to grab my nightstand gun, then transition to my 11.5″ AR, then move to my shotgun…” then your carefully constructed plan goes to shit because it’s 2 A.M., your disoriented and your adrenaline is pumping. Swinging a 20″ barreled shotgun through the house under those conditions is less than optimal.

So why did I drop the beans on a 590? To blow shit up and have fun.

What sealed the deal between the 500 and the 590? Greater capacity on the 590, Ghost Ring sights, clean out mag tube and better finish. I had the opportunity to compare both side-by-side and the 590 was the winner for me easily. I also compared the 590 to the 590A1, but I don’t need the heavier barrel – very small chance that I’ll close a steel hatch on the barrel anytime in the near future.

Barrel Length20″
SightGhost Ring
ChokeAccu-Choke System – Cylinder Bore Choke Installed mossberg 590 shotgun 12 gauge
LOP TypeFixed
Barrel FinishMatte Blued
Stock FinishSynthetic

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