Century Arms RAS47 Review

Convinced I needed an AK pattern rifle, I started searching local gun stores, big box stores and local FSBO listings on the internet. When I focus on something, I get very single threaded. Unfortunately for me, I started looking at the AK market when stock had pretty much dried up across the country for whatever reason. Remember, I needed an AK. Right now. Pretty damn quick. And that is how I ended up with the Century Arms RAS47.

RAS 47

I was (or am, really) still happy with the RAS47 for the most. Century Arms has a really spotty reputation when it comes to quality control on their rifles. It used to be good, then it got really bad, then it got kinda good/kinda bad depending on what and when you bought and now it’s back to being better. Not great, but better. When the bar is set low, it doesn’t take much to clear said bar.

I bought the RAS47 during the “kinda good/kinda bad depending on what and when you bought” phase. The RAS 47 has been problem and issue free for me and I’m upwards of 5,000 rounds through it. The biggest issue with the RAS47 is trunion cracking or complete separation. That’s a bad thing. The other prevalent issue is canted front sights. Fortunately, I’m good on that also. Maybe I did’t get a Monday Morning Rifle.

Specific RAS47 Gun Stuff, not me just ranting

The RAS47 is gas-operated, long-stroke gas piston system chambered in 7.62×39. This rifle’s receiver is stamped from 16-gauge 4140 sheet Steel and treated with a black nitride finish.  On the right side is the safety selector with a bolt safety cut out to hold the bolt in the open position. 

The left side of the RAS47 features a 4″ long optics rail. The stamped receiver dust cover fits tightly on the receiver without rattling and it can be a bitch to get back into place. The magazine release is exactly where you’d expect to find it on an AK.

16.5″ black nitride treated 4150 chrome moly still barrel that lacks a bayonet lug and cleaning rod, and the muzzle is fitted with an AK type slant brake secured by a traditional barrel bushing block.

Out of the box, the RAS47 comes with solid maple furniture in place of traditional laminated furniture. I wasn’t a fan of the maple, so the first thing I did was swap that out with Magpul Zhukov parts.

RAS 47
Out with the maple, in witht the Magpul
RAS 47

The Magpul Zhukov stuff is really nice, especially the folding stock.

RAS 47
RAS 47

A few words on AK47 ownership and AK47 owners

This is relevant to the RAS47, I promise. Back in this post, I made reference to “don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit”. AK owners are some brand loyal motherfuckers. They will turn on each other on a dime in social media – never in real life though. It’s never a good idea to call someone a “stupid motherfucker” when he or she has a loaded weapon in their hands.

WASR, N-PAP, Vepr, Century, Saiga, everyotherAKvariant owner out there thinks theirs is the best and all others are shit. They’re like the typical BMW owner – opinionated, insufferable and generally full of shit. Through being observant at the range and reading about guns, I honestly believe that AK owners skew very young and the AK is generally their first long gun purchase that set them back a half months rent – in other words, they’re emotionally invested in their AK and will justify and defend themselves and their purchase or the end of the world.

I just shrug it off and laugh – I carried and used an AK47 for almost a year and a half in Central America (back story here). I didn’t know and didn’t care what variant it was, when it was made, where it was made, if the furniture was authentic or it was missing the cleaning rod. I shit you not, these are just some examples that AK owners shit on each other for. What I did know is that it would zap a bad guy much better and much faster than an M16A1. It’s also fun to whip out my X95, my Sig Legions and Benelli on a range trip in front of dipshits after they’ve been talking shit. I can be childish too.

Buy what you want. Shoot what you want. Tune the noise out.

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