Benelli SuperNova Tactical Review

A few months back, I had posted an assload of guns on Reddit, and one of the comments was “Dude. You need a shotgun. What’s wrong with you?”. There were two choices I had in mind – the Mossberg 500 or the Benelli SuperNova.

A damn fine question. I hadn’t bought a shotgun for the simple reason that I don’t hunt any longer, so I figured “meh”. But it kept eating at me. And eating at me.

“Why don’t I have a shotgun”, I would ask myself as I sat on the crapper and pondered life.

I was all set to buy an entry level Mossberg 500, but the more I researched the 500, the less I wanted one. A Mosserberg 590, absolutely, but $550 for a shotgun? That’s a lot of beans, man. I used to carry an Ithaca Model 37 in the Marine Corps, but holy hell that thing was heavy. Great shotgun, though. Then Benelli popped up on my radar and I started pricing M3’s and M4’s.

Yeah, no.

I spoke with a couple of people at work that had Nova’s and SuperNova’s and they had nothing bad to say about them. Off to the LGS I go, none in stock. Shit. Started searching locally and found a feed store (I shit you not. Yay Texas!) that has a good size gun counter. Brand new SuperNova Tactical, $80 off list price on sale and another 5% off for Veteran’s discount. Done.

What does the SuperNova offer? For starters, aDrilled and tapped receiver, ghost ring sights (huge fan, way better than the traditional bead sight) and a 2.75 – 3.5 inch chamber. The SuperNova has a corrosion-proof polymer over-molded on a skeleton framework to form single-piece receiver and buttstock for unsurpassed strength and weather resistance. All metal parts have a non-glare, anti-corrosive finish.

The SuperNova has an incredibly smooth action, which is to be expected from a Benelli shotgun. Superior build quality. A unique chamber clearing system, which I was skeptical on at first, but it’s definitely grown on me. A magazine disconnect button on the bottom of the forearm allows you to quickly unload the chamber without releasing another round from the magazine to quickly load another round via the ejection port

The only change made so far is a Nordic Components MXT +2 magazine tube extension, so now I’ve got 6+1 capacity. Giddy up.

Hit the range that following weekend, and holy shit, I’d forgotten how much fun shotguns are. Put 40 rounds of 00 Buckshot through it and the hype lived up to reality. Very soft shooter, great buttpad that absorbs a ton of recoil. Nice tight action, no rattles, no problems.

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