Suppressor Need vs Suppressor Want

One of the questions I’d had for years was “Do I really, really need a suppressor?”, which is way different than “Do I want a suppressor?”. Or silencer. Or can. Whatever. Huge difference between “need” and “want”. I always figured that if I every really needed a suppressor, I’d pick on up from the guy who didn’t have any need for it any longer (yeah, the guy that got zapped).

As for want? Hell yes, I want a suppressor. But here’s the thing: It’s a pain in the ass, takes time and money.

Fingerprints. Time spent driving to hell and back to get the fingerprints. Passport photo. Paperwork. Don’t fuck up the paperwork or it will take even longer than usual, with usual being defined as 12 – 14 months, and that’s after you’ve laid out the cash for the can and paid for the tax stamp.

Just…fuck. No. Fuck that.

But…and there’s always but…

That was until I shot a coworkers suppressed 300 blackout AR. Holy shit. He took a picture of me after my first shot, just as I had turned around to look at him with a huge smile on my face. I felt like a 12 year old who just felt his first tits. But it gets even better. After range day, we were comparing notes and I was bitching about the PITA, the time and the money and one of the other guys that was there with his suppressed AR said “Dude. No. Silencer Shop has kiosks setup all over the country, there’s like 20 of them in our city. You do all the bullshit right there. All the paperwork, fingerprints, passport photo and hit “Submit” and Silencer Shop takes it from there. You just need to wait until you’re an old man to actually get your tax stamp”.

I was intrigued, enough so that I diddlefucked around for an entire week and then finally drove down to the one of the LGS that I frequent. Walked right by the kiosk, like I’d done dozens of times before without even noticing it. Asked a nice young woman (former Marine) who let me know I walked right past it. We shot the shit for 20 minutes or so about the Corps, she showed me some optics and I finally got my shit together.

I ordered the can in the store using my phone and headed to the kiosk. Twenty minutes later, I was out the door with my first suppressor ordered. It was that fast. The only nit I had with the kiosk is the size of the fingerprint scanner. Way too small, but I have really big hands. It took a few tries to get everything scanned.

So, yeah. I bought a suppressor

After a week of research, I ended up getting the YHM (Yankee Hill Machine) Turbo 556. Really strong reviews on different NFA boards and the NFA subReddit. Not the most expensive, not the cheapest, not the most quiet – it’s right down the middle of the road in terms of cost and performance. Good choice for my first suppressor.

The Tavor X95 is going to be the primary host for this, unless I can get my hands on a SCAR 16S for a price that doesn’t require a second mortgage.

Pew pew pew!

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